Benefits for Faculty

Benefit Enrollment Guide

2014 Benefit Enrollment Guide (1,446kB)

Health Plan Information

MESSA SuperCare 1 Medical Plan (119kB)
MESSA SuperCare I Summary of Benefits and Coverage (322kB)

MESSA Choices II Medical Plan (232kB)
MESSA Choices II Summary of Benefits and Coverage (356kB)

Health Plan Comparison

 Faculty Health Plan Comparison Chart (53kB)

Faculty Benefit Forms

MESSA Supercare I or Choices II MESSA Member Application (99kB)
MESSA Beneficiary Designation Form (33kB) (All MESSA members are provided with $5,000 life insurance coverage)
Faculty Association Dues (17kB)
Release of Official Transcripts (96kB)
Sick Leave Units/Jury Duty/Personal Leave - refer to the Faculty Contract 2011-2014 (9,861kB)


TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan (395kB)
Supplemental Retirement Annuity (261kB)
Your Plan and Investment Choices

Other Benefits

Sick Leave/Jury Duty/Personal Leave (details in contract)
Cardinal Athletic Club

Dining Services (2,095kB)
Discounts for Employees