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Rebecca M. Griffin
Failing To Ratify: Exploring the Effects of Culture, Politics, and Economics on the Kyoto Protocol
Dr. George Puia, Advisor
Natalie O. Pretzer
A Tale of “Cool Cities”? Exploring Attitudes towards Economic Development in Mid-Michigan
Dr. George Puia, Advisor
Andrea Roedel
The Evolution of Masculinity: Marketing and the Appearance of Man
Dr. Diana Lawson, Advisor
Katrina A. Varner
A Case for Consistency: The Role of National Socio-Economic Systems in the Adoption Rates of Automated Milking Technology Across Small Dairy Farms in the United States and The Netherlands
Dr. George Puia, Advisor

Lindsey Zion
Ambidexterity and Its Relationship with Internationalization Processes
Dr. George Puia, Advisor