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Anna M. Collard

“Please Tell Me What I May Call You”: The Self-Deluded Progressive and Ideologies of Womanhood of the Late-Victorian Era in MacDonald’s Lilith

Dr. Daniel Cook, Advisor


Kelli Fitzpatrick

The Application of Grice’s Cooperative Principle to Political Discourse: An Analysis of 2007 Pre-primary Presidential Debates

Dr. Kerry Segel, Advisor


Rhonda L. Reppert

Grammar: To Teach or Not to Teach, That Is the Question

Dr. M. Patricia Cavanaugh, Advisor


Kayleen A. Schumaker

American Beauty: An Analysis of Negative Self-Concepts in The Bluest Eye

Dr. Elizabeth Rich, Advisor


Sarah J. Wangler

Motivation Is Key in Preparation of High School Students for College Level Writing

Dr. M. Patricia Cavanaugh, Advisor


Jamie Wendorf

Life Approaching Death: Time and Identity in End-of-Life Narratives

Dr. Elizabeth Rich, Advisor