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Meghan C. Gilliam

Two Designers, Two Time Periods, Two Different Approaches to Type Design: The Type Designs of Herb Lubalin & Patricia Lillie

Mr. Thomas Canale, Advisor  


Mary JoMcLaughlin-McVicker (1992)

A Personal Study in Mixed Media Art

Mr. Hideki Kihata, Advisor


Jessica Lange (2010)

Children’s Book Illustration

Dr. Shaun Bangert, Advisor  


Brian J. Simmermacher

Basement Media: A Study of Corporate Identity Development

Mr. Thomas Canale, Advisor  


Emily Sovey (2011)

Outside the Square

Mr. David Littell, Advisor  


Jillian C. Wingerter

On the Readability of Type: A Comparison of Old Style and Modern Typefaces

Mr. Thomas Canale, Thesis Advisor