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‌Christine Macey – Honors Program

“I am a champion in my field”

Christine Macey is a 2007 political science graduate from SVSU.  She graduated with her Doctor of Law (J.D.) from Georgetown University in 2012.  During her time at SVSU, Christine was selected to be an intern at the U.S. Supreme Court – one of only two people selected nationally!  She has recently taken a position working as an Assistant United States Attorney at the United States Attorney's Office.

 “I feel so fortunate to have had a department of professors who cared so much about helping me reach my goals.  Many professors did anything and everything possible to help me – from countless letters of recommendations to sharing their insight.  I had a wonderful pre-law education at SVSU.  I had professors who knew me, including Dr. Jesse Donahue, my honors advisor in the political science department.  They pushed me to reach my full potential.”

The Honors program made my undergraduate education more challenging, which helped prepare me for the new challenges of law school and the continued challenges I face as a member of the profession.


Honors Thesis:  A New Deal for Zoos:  A study of Federal Government Funding of Zoos in the 1930s