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“A master’s degree in hospital or nursing administration, public health, public or
business administration, and other related fields is usually a requirement for executive office.”
Princeton Review, January 2013

Top health care administration positions are being filled with physicians who also possess the administration and management skills critical to be a leader and effective administrator.  Skills necessary include those necessary to:

•  Navigate within the health care reform journey
•  Perform business and analytical skills
•  Comply with regulatory and legal restraints
•  Discuss electronic health record benefits and analytics
•  Understand healthcare finance, budgeting and payer complexities 

SVSU’s Master of Science in Health Administration and Leadership program provides physicians with the tools and skills required to:

•  Manage and lead health and human service organizations
•  Become liaisons between governing boards, medical staff and department heads
•  Recruit, hire and potentially train clinicians who are interested in administration

For more information, please contact:

Marilyn Skrocki, JD, MBA, MISM
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
204 Health & Human Services