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Saginaw Valley State University Tuition and Fees

Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Tuition & Fee information listed are the 2016-2017 academic year rates. Tuition & Fees are subject to change without notice by action of the SVSU Board of Control. Credit hour cost is determined by course level, not by a student’s class standing. Person’s auditing or receiving credit by examination are subject to the regular tuition and fee rates for the course.

Michigan Residents
Professional Program Courses

Mandatory Fees

General Service - (b): $10.75/
(b) The General Service Fee is an assessment for parking facilities, first aid facilities, Program Board fees, Student Association fees, publication fees and registration processing.

Technology Fee - (c): $3.85/
(c) The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee, which supports the growing technology requirements and needs for all students at the University.

Other Fees

Academic Computing Fee – (d): $67.00/course
(d) The Academic Computing Fee is a course fee that is applied to those courses that require the use of computers in either specialized or general labs.

Application: $30.00
Application – International: $90.00
Applied Music (plus tuition): $163.00
Athletic Season Pass (annual fee): $199.00
College of Education - C-Base Fee: $25.00
College of Education - Tk-20 System Fee:  $100.00
Credit Card Service Charge:  As negotiated with third party provider.
Diploma Cover Replacement:  $15.00
Diploma Replacement: $10.00
Graduation: $75.00
Hand Registration: $45.00 transaction
Identification/Transaction Card Replacement: $15.00

Late Payment Fee (e): 1.5% service charge
(e) Late payment charges will be assessed a fee of 1.5% per month on past due amounts.

Late Registration (first time registration during add/drop period): $175.00
Listener’s Permit: $230.00/course

Non-sufficient Funds Fee - including ACH "Account not Found":  $30.00/transaction
(f) If charges involve course registration & campus housing, late payment fees may also apply.

HHS Clinical Lab Fee (formally Nursing Fee - Baccalaureate): $54.00/course
HHS Nursing Assessment Fee:  (total for 5 semester undergraduate program $795; $150 Graduate FNP)


Semester One:  $195
Semester Two through Five:  $150/semester


FNP NURS 673 or NURS 863: $150/semester 

HHS FNP – Practicum: $59.00/
HHS FNP Exam Fee: $175.00/course
HHS KINE 444 & 446 Lab Fee:  $32.00/course
HHS Social Work Lab Fee:  $70.00/course

Occupational Therapy Program Fee: $54.00/course

Off-Campus Course Fees

Off-Campus Dual Enrollment Fee: $13.00/
On-line Course Fee:  $60.00/
Orientation: $95.00 FTIC, $50.00 Transfer, $150.00 International
Political Science - United Nations Conference Fee:  $250/course
Red Cross-Authorized Provider Fee: determined by provider
Student Teaching Fee: $115.00
Study Abroad Fee: $80.00
SVSU Undergraduate & Graduate Payment Plans Enrollment Fee: $75.00/semester
SVSU Undergraduate & Graduate Payment Plans Late Fee: $50.00

Transcript: *Plus any outstanding balance due to SVSU.
                Paper – mail delivery: $10.00
                Online – electronic delivery: $7.50

English as a Second Language Program - Resident: $296.90/ & mandatory fees
English as a Second Language Program - Non-Resident: $716.95/ & mandatory fees