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"The 2012 Equity Conference was an excellent mix of research, program models, updates on private and state initiatives and time to network and reconnect. It serves to ensure that we are more aware of the work going on across the state and nationally--this truly fosters collaborations."

Chris Anderson
Michigan Technological University

"I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent time during the Equity Conference.  My colleagues and I truly enjoyed ourselves by the presentations, events, food and beautiful campus.  Once again, thank you."

Glenn A. Brooks, Sr.
Director, Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Madonna University

"Just wanted to say I had a great time and a lot of fun with you all in Saginaw yesterday. What a wonderful conference and passionate group of educators. Thank you for allowing me to take part."

Jahmad Canley
Potential Unleashed LLC - "The Performance Consultants"
President & CEO

"You did a wonderful job in organizing the Equity in the Classroom Conference!"

Clifford K. Dorne, Ph.D. 
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 
Professor of Criminal Justice 
Saginaw Valley State University

"Thanks for asking me to be a part of your conference program. Everything looked very organized, and the event was well attended."

Craig Douglas
Carrollton Public Schools

I want to commend Dr. Thorns and the planning committee for the outstanding conference. The presenters and the variety of sessions were of such a high quality. It was a pleasure to be part of this professional opportunity.

Susie Emond Ed.D 
Interim Dean, College of Education
Professor of Teacher Education
Saginaw Valley State University

"Wonderful work with the Equity Conference -- My students commented on the power (and importance) of this event (and how proud we ALL are of hosting it this year)!!!"

Dr. Jonathon A. Gould
Asst. Professor & Fieldwork Coordinator
Saginaw Valley State University

Congratulations to Saginaw Valley State University for hosting a spectacular 2012 Equity in the Classroom Conference. Every day was filled with an event, session, activity or workshop that was entertaining, inspiring and resourceful. There was something for EVERYONE!  I look forward to the 2013 conference.  Great job SVSU and Dr. Mamie Thorns, conference hostess and coordinator."

Dr. Traci L. Guinn
Director, Multicultural Academic Student Services
Coordinator, King Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellows program
Center for Inclusion and Diversity
Central Michigan University

"The 2012 Equity in the Classroom Conference was one of the best I've ever attended. My students enjoyed being panelists as well as attending other sessions. The exposure for our middle school students was enriching and invaluable. We look forward to attending next year!

Flinnoia Hall III, Ed.S.
Ruben Daniels Middle School

"I am always pleased when SVSU is able to host the Equity Conference. It is always a special gathering, for it represents the best in higher education. It demonstrates a commitment to our core values: respect; integrity; and opportunity. Engaging and collaborating with colleagues throughout the state makes it a particularly worthwhile event."

Professor Robert Lane
Department of Political Science
Saginaw Valley State University

"Thank you for choosing me to be on the planning committee for the 2012 Equity Within the Classroom Conference.  I appreciate learning how statewide conference planning comes about here at SVSU, with so many facets that are required of various departments that have a part in making SVSU a premiere institution. I developed new working relationships with individuals I knew, but never had the chance to work with. It has been a great experience for me."

Sharon K. Livernois
Grant Program Coordinator
Saginaw Valley State University
Department of Nursing

"The conference was "fantastic" and you should be very proud of all your fine work.  There was a lot of complimentary feedback and it was a pleasure to be a part of that."

Carol Mueller
Saginaw Valley State University

"Thank you again for including me in the Equity Conference...Great job pulling it off and handling all the "Diversity Challenges" that got thrown your way! It was very inspiring and there were some great speakers and sessions. I was glad to have a chance to participate."

Joe Madison
Bridge Center for Racial Harmony

"Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the equity conference. I knew you would pull it off with flying colors!"

Surender Reddy, Ph.D
Saginaw Valley State University

"We appreciate Dr. Thorns' and the SVSU Planning Committee’s contribution to the successful 2012 Equity Conference. It is amazing how much the Committee accomplished with the limited time they had available."

Rudy Redmond
Manager, KCP Initiative

"The 22nd Annual Equity Within the Classroom Conference hosted by SVSU was a grand success. The presenters provided refreshing insights and positive approaches to developing collaborative relationships between educators and employers.”

Tracey D. Taylor, Ed. D., LPC
Higher Education Consultant
King-Chavez-Parks Initiative
Workforce Development Agency

"Dr. Thorns collected the best and brightest thinkers to dream big because our future depends upon developing every person’s potential.  Collaborations can be messy, but productive disruption in the current reality can propel us where we need to be.  I  left the conference re-energized by the possibilities and have the people of Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan's KCP Initiative, and our colleges and universities to thank."

Jenee L. Velasquez
Executive Director
The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation

"Just wanted to pass along thanks and congrats to you and your team.  I heard nothing but great things from my colleagues both here and from other institutions over the past few days.  Please know I appreciate your hard work and enjoyed the networking and learning opportunities provided."

Nick J. Wagner
Saginaw Valley State University

"The Equity Conference was an excellent example of the caliber of your work.  I was most appreciative to have been a small part of a wondrous work."

Carol Walker
Saginaw Valley State University