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Featured Speakers & Presenters

Jahmad Canley RTEmagicC_Jahmad_Canley_01
Project Director and Facilitator with The Pacific Institute

Presentation: "Success Strategies for Effective Colleges and Schools" (5,103kB)‌

With background experience in youth services and education (College Success Foundation, traditional universities and for-profit institutions), as well as programs for youth-at-risk, Jahmad Canley has found a focus for his energies as a Project Director and Facilitator with The Pacific Institute. As a Master Facilitator Instructor for the Institute’s PX2® youth program, Jahmad has worked with groups in such varied locations as Guatemala, Kenya, and Japan, as well as with visiting groups from China and Africa. When focusing his facilitations on sports, Jahmad has worked with the U. S. Olympic Swim Team, as well as local swim clubs, Eisenhower Football & Basketball programs, and local teen tennis clubs. Particularly of note is his work with New York City youth at risk, where a judge used PX2 as an alternative to jail sentencing for youth at risk. Jahmad has a unique understanding of the entrepreneurial mind, and his bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems complete a well-rounded view of organizational culture.

Joseph Ofori-Dankwa RTEmagicC_Ofori-Dankwa_Equity
Harvey Randall Wickes Chair in International Business, Saginaw Valley State University College of Business and Management

Presentation: "What Would Dr. Payne Have Said?: Ruminations of an Accidental Key (2,555kB)‌

Ofori-Dankwa joined the SVSU faculty in 1987 and has received many of SVSU’s leading honors. He was given the House Family Award for Teacher Impact in 2000, the Rush Distinguished Lectureship in 2004, the Warrick Award for Excellence in Research in 2005, the Braun Fellowship in 2009 and the Roosevelt Ruffin Award for Diversity in 2011. Active in the community, as well, Ofori-Dankwa is a founding member of the Bridge Center for Racial Harmony and the Saginaw County Minority Business Development Center. In his new role, Ofori-Dankwa will teach courses, mentor students and encourage them to pursue international education, while also working with the regional business community to develop international business opportunities. A recognized scholar on modernization and democracy in Africa and diversity management, Ofori-Dankwa has authored or co-authored four book chapters and more than 15 scholarly articles published in academic journals. He also has given more than 20 invited presentations at academic conferences. A resident of Saginaw, Ofori-Dankwa completed degrees in Ghana and Wales before receiving his Ph.D. in labor and industrial relations from Michigan State University. As a visiting professor, he has taught undergraduate and graduate classes internationally in Ghana and Nigeria, as well as within the United States at the University of Michigan and MSU.


Leon Caldwell, Ph.D. RTEmagicC_caldwell-100
Senior Research Associate,
The Annie E. Casey Foundaton

Leon Caldwell is currently a Senior Research Associate at The Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore, MD. Prior to this position, he was the founding director of the Center for the Advancement of Youth Development and the development of the Think Tank for African American Progress Leon is considered a national leader in scholar-activism, developing national and local initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable populations and community capacity building for finding solutions to challenges through participatory research efforts at improving the quality and outcomes of African American families.


Amy Cell, Senior Vice President RTEmagicC_Amy-Cell
Talent Enhancement &Workforce Development
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Amy Cell is the Senior Vice President of Talent Enhancement & Workforce Development for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation directing programs to attract, retain and develop talent for Michigan; as well as serving on various boards in education, business, and non-profit sectors.  Previously, Amy was VP, Talent Enhancement & Entrepreneurial Education at Ann Arbor SPARK.  She has spent 10 years in human resources at Ford Motor Company, the Stanford Research Institute, Applied Biosystems and co-founded the consulting partnership, HR Drivers.