English Language Program Levels

Initial Testing and Placement

The ELP offers three days of placement assessment during orientation.   All new ELP or conditionally admitted students are placed into appropriate levels based on a variety of placement indicators.  These indicators may include: an oral interview, a written response, a standardized computer test (COMPASS ESL) and/or additional in-house testing.  The test scores indicate which classes students will be placed in.   Each day of testing is different, allowing the students varied opportunities to show their true proficiency of the English language.  Because students are given such extensive opportunity to show their English proficiency, the administration does NOT move students once their final placement has been decided.


Testing Into Tier One

If students test into Tier One, they will be enrolled in “co-requisite” classes.  This means they will be enrolled in classes designed to go together.  The classes in Tier One are made to be taken at the same time.


Testing Into Tier Two

If students test into Tier Two, students can be split between levels.  For instance, if students’ writing ability in English is better than their reading ability, they may be in an advanced writing class but a beginning or intermediate reading class. 


Testing Into Tier Three

If students test into Tier Three, they may not need “regular” English Language Program courses.  Their test results may, however, place them in “sheltered” courses.  These courses are specifically devised to scaffold instruction and provide additional support to those English Language Learners who need it.