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Our Alumni

At SVSU, we believe one of the greatest ways for you to learn what it means to be a student in one of our programs is to hear the stories of our alumni. See for yourself!

M. Jon Dean, EdS

Harlan Principal, Birmingham Public Schools 
2007 Alumnus

"As a student at the SVSU Macomb Campus I've really appreciated the opportunity to work with the high quality SVSU faculty. I feel that the faculty really got to know me as an educator and a learner. This helped me tailor a learning plan that provided me the opportunity to pursue activities that directly applied to my work as a building principal. This course work has helped me prepare for the next phase in my career.

During my years at SVSU, I found both the faculty and staff to be very understanding to the realities of being a full-time educator in addition to being a student. I was able to complete the Education Specialist program in only two years without impeding my ability to be a principal as well as a parent."



Wendy Shepard, EdS

Principal, Rochester High School 

"I completed both my Master's in Educational Leadership and Education Specialist degrees through the SVSU Macomb Campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in both of the programs. I felt the co-hort approach really enhanced my experience. I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues in the program and learning about other districts in the surrounding area. Many of us in the program were already in administrative positions, so it was nice to have those networks. I also enjoyed the mix of SVSU full time professors and the adjunct faculty who were primarily working in central office positions in the surrounding area. I felt that the SVSU professors had a wealth of knowledge in educational philosophy and were able to discuss everyday application.

Another benefit to the program was the internship experience. At times it can be difficult to understand the day-to-day practice of an administrator. The internship allowed each student to personalize the program to meet their needs. If you were a classroom teacher, you could work with an Assistant Principal, if you were already an Assistant you could work with a Principal, if you were a Principal you could work with someone in a central office position. This allowed the experience to be meaningful to all participants who were looking to move on to the next level in their career.

I would certainly recommend the Education Specialist program to those who are interested in seeking a position in Administration. As a building Principal, many of the classes provided me with the background I needed in a wide variety of areas."



Shelley Alwardt, EdS

Learning Consultant, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools 
Education Specialist - Principalship 


"When I was deciding where to earn my Education Specialist degree, Saginaw Valley State University caught my attention immediately. The Macomb campus was close to work and home. Many of my colleagues attended SVSU and enjoyed their experiences. After looking over SVSU's Educational Leadership program, I knew it was the right direction for me to take in my career.

Throughout the program, I worked within a co-hort of students. We built great relationships working together on assignments and projects. We learned from each other and supported each other to make it to graduation.

Earning a degree, working full-time and having a young family was not an easy task. However, I feel Saginaw Valley State University provided convenient class times and campus hours. Having a campus so close to home and work was extremely helpful for everyone in my family.

My education experience was extremely beneficial. I gained a wealth of knowledge from instructors who have been in the field or are currently in administrative positions. The SVSU instructors were knowledgeable, supportive, and always available for support.

I truly enjoyed my experience with Saginaw Valley State University - Macomb. I would recommend the university to anyone who was interested in moving forward in their educational career."