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I am Alex Revord

     an economics major,
                a tutor at the Center for Academic Achievement,
                             a world traveler,
                                         and happy with the chances I've taken.

“I have always felt that every employee at SVSU wants you to succeed as a student and as a person, and they will do whatever they can to help you.”

A Journey of Service

For Alex Revord, there was a specific reason SVSU wasn’t his first choice for a school.

“My sister was here,” he said. “I wanted my own thing — when you’re the little brother, you’re always in someone else’s shadow. But I gave it a shot anyways. And I’m definitely happy I’m here.”


For all the opportunities, Alex said.

As a part of Alternative Breaks, Alex has been able to travel around the country to work with social issues and help others. As a freshman, he traveled to Indianapolis, where he volunteered at a children’s center, helping fight the effects of urban poverty. Later, he traveled to New York City to focus on health issues at a hospital.

After that, he traveled to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, to learn about Native American issues, along with building a porch for an elderly man.

But he doesn’t need to travel across the country to enjoy helping people. Alex works as a tutor at the Center for Academic Achievement, helping classmates with accounting and economics on Zahnow Library’s second floor.

“And I’ve really enjoyed it,” Alex said. “I like watching other people succeed and hearing the success stories: ‘I came and saw you last week, and on my exam, I ended up getting an A.’ It’s very rewarding.”

As an R.A., Alex also serves on the Pine Grove Community Council, putting on programs for the community — from Chinese New Year celebrations to fall pumpkin carving — as well as helping with the governing body’s operations responding to residents’ concerns.

Alex’s efforts have even gotten him recognized. Little wonder he won the Heart and Soul of Campus Award, given to honor students’ dedication to volunteer service.

Course Requirement: Leaving the U.S.

Even beyond Alternative Breaks, Alex’s love for travel has taken him outside the country. In summer 2011, he ventured to tropical Costa Rica on a faculty-led study abroad, led by associate professors of geography Marty Arford and Evelyn Ravuri.
Alex loved it.

“[You’re] hiking through the rainforest one day and then spending the next day on the Pacific Ocean. I’ve never seen such beautiful things in my life. You go, and you get [academic] credit for it. You can’t beat it.”

At SVSU, It’s Personal

But the one thing Alex loves most about SVSU is the support system it builds for students.

“All the economics professors are really great,” he said. “I started taking economics classes — I had Dr. Mizra — and he said, ‘If anyone’s considering being an economics major, come and talk to me.’ He helped me see the potential, see my goals.”

“Whenever I need anything, they’re always there. They’re always willing to help you with whatever you want to do.
He said he feels the same about the Student Affairs staff. “When I need a letter of recommendation, Merry Jo (Brandimore) would write one, and she’s the dean of students — she has a lot going on, but she’s willing to sit down and write a letter for one of her students.”

A Dialogue Over Dinner

Once a month, Student Affairs hosts a dinner where students can sit down with their administrators and talk about any issues. Attendees include Merry Jo Brandimore, dean of students; Jim Dwyer, vice president of enrollment management; Marie Rabideau, assistant dean of student affairs; Michele Gunkelman, director of Residential Life; and Nick Wagner, special assistant to the VP.

“They just want to know what is going on with university,” Alex said — “what kinds of issues students are having, and they ask what some solutions might be, what ideas we have.

“I have always felt that every employee at SVSU wants you to succeed as a student and as a person, and they will do whatever they can to help you.”

Alex Revord


  • Economics Major
  • Dean’s Scholarship Recipient
  • Resident Assistant
  • Alternative Breaks participant, site leader
  • Pine Grove Community Council Member
  • Heart & Soul of Campus Award Recipient
  • Accounting & Economics Tutor at the Center for Academic Achievement
  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Costa Rica