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Support and troubleshooting for both legacy apps Personal (PCAP) & Classroom Capture (CCAP) will end on January 15, 2020, it is essential that all active Echo360 instructors and staff upgrade to Universal Capture.

View the Echo360 Universal Capture Installation Guide (657KB) . If you need training on Universal Capture you can register for a workshop or if you would like your department trained email or contact 989-964-4225 (x4225).

Echo360 lecture capture is SVSU's chosen a video capture system. Echo360 provides faculty a simple way to record their lectures inside or outside of the classroom and share with their students in Canvas. Echo360 engages students with video-based learning and provides the tools to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

End of Life for Personal Capture. Echo360 Personal Capture has been replaced by Universal Capture. Sign up for a workshop or request to get your department trained.

Classroom Scheduling: Scheduled recordings require a significant notice. All requests need to be received within 7-10 days before the scheduled recording to allow time for testing. Please send your request to or call (989) 964-4225 (x4225)

Winter 2020 UPDATES

Support and troubleshooting for both legacy apps Personal (PCAP) & Classroom Capture (CCAP) will end on January 15, 2020.

It is essential that all active Echo360 instructors and staff transition to Universal Capture.

View the Echo360 Universal Capture Installation Guide (657KB) or register for a workshop.

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ASR can automatically create text transcripts from your Echo360 videos. Students can read along with the video and the transcript is searchable.

Watch this ASR video on how ASR works, learn how to download and edit a transcript and re-upload to a class.

NOTE: To request ASR fill out the "Echo360 Requests Survey." To learn more about Video Transcriptions view the tip sheet Echo360 Video Transcription Process (208KB)

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The ASR Research Grant is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. We appreciate your interest in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). For more information visit the ASR Research Grant page or email research grant support.



If you are new to Echo360, departmental faculty and SVSU staff will need to be trained before they can use Echo360 Lecture Capture, you can sign up for an introductory workshop here.

If you are an existing user, you can access your Echo360 library by visiting 


*Alternatively, you can access Echo360 from your Canvas course once it has been linked to Echo360.

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Click your Dashboard and open your course
  3. Click on Echo360

From there, you can add videos to your Echo360 classroom where students can ask questions, participate in discussions, mark confusing content, and take notes during a lecture. 


Universal Capture is Echo360's newest application for recording your screen, audio, and video.  To record audio and video, you will need a network or internet connection to create and upload a recording along with a microphone for audio, and a webcam to record yourself (this is optional). Universal Capture has replaced legacy apps Personal Capture and Classroom Capture. The end of life and support will occur on January 15, 2020, both apps will stop working due to enhancements in the capture platform.

If you have not already done so, download and install the Echo360 Universal Capture app to your computer. 

  1. Log into Echo360
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right of your screen, from the context menu.
  3. Select Downloads
  4. On the Downloads screen, under the heading Universal Capture: Personal click the installation file that is appropriate for your computer.

Image of Echo360 interface on how to access downloads


View this step by step documentation Echo360 Universal Capture Installation Guide (657KB)

Now you can record, pause, and stop videos in one-click, and all videos are automatically published to your library or course.


View more resources on using Univeral Capture

Universal Capture Quickstart Guide (interface overview)

Watch the video, Access Universal Capture from a Mac or PC

Start a Recording using Universal Capture



Watch your class lectures no matter where you are, at any time when you download the Echo360 Lecture Capture app.

The Echo360 mobile app is available:

  • At no cost and fully supported for all SVSU staff, faculty, and students.
  • For mobile and tablets iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Amazon Kindle. 

Students can:

  • Watch or listen to class lectures while on the go
  • Ask questions, participate in discussions and polling activities
  • Take notes and create bookmarks.
  • Mark a segment of a class lecture or slide as confusing

Access Echo360 In Canvas First

Students must click the Echo360 tab in the Canvas course navigation (just once) to establish the connection to the Echo360 section before they can use the mobile app.

Cellular Data

We encourage you to use Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot when possible. Data charges may occur from your cellular company.

Get the Echo360 Mobile app

 View the Mobile App Quick Guide

Apple App Store logo iOS 9.1 or later 
Google Play logo Android 5 and higher
An image of the Microsoft Store logo Windows 10 PC, mobile, and Xbox One
An image of the Amazon app store Amazon Kindle



Watch this video on how to use the mobile app available for instructors and students.


Use Echo360 Capture in our recording studio in a variety of ways. This recording studio is well-suited for writing equations, drawing diagrams, etc.  Sign up for a workshop to learn more.

 Our studio is located in the Dow Doan Science East building and features:

  • Lightboard: Record a video to communicate technical diagrams or content.
  • Surface Studio: Record using Classroom Capture and annotate your screen content.
  • Whiteboard: Record using a webcam to lecture class content.

An image of faculty members using the Lightboard.




Groups are here for instructors and students! Groups are designed to bring specific groups of people and media together. Please see the help guides below. 

Universal Capture

Universal Capture is Echo360's newest capture app start using it to record your lectures. It is faster with publishing your videos than the legacy apps Personal Capture and Classroom Capture. It has a simple one-button record, to create your video, pause, and stop videos and all recordings are automatically published to your library or course. 

View the Echo360 Universal Capture Installation Guide (657KB)    


Online Help Guides


Echo360 Content Groups (Instructors)

Echo360 Content Groups (Students)





Echo360 is an online active learning platform that has three types of capture systems: ApplianceClassroom, and Universal Capture that you can use for your course. All systems allow you to record your class lectures, meetings, and other events. Your recordings are stored in your Echo360 library and shared to your Echo360 classroom. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, mark confusing content, and take notes during a lecture. They can access your lectures on or off-campus with a computer or from the Echo360 mobile app.

Recorded lectures can be shared with students through Canvas from your Echo360 classroom.

  • Appliance and Classroom Capture happen in the classroom -- best for recording classroom lectures and activities.
  • Universal Capture Personal takes place outside of the classroom in your office, at home, or any place you take your computer.

H104, H106, H106C-E, H108, H110, H112, H112B, H280, H282, HHS ICU East, HHS ICU West, SE204, and C100 are the only rooms on campus with the lecture capture appliances in the podiums. However, Universal Classroom Capture can be used in almost any room on campus with the addition of a microphone.

To request Echo360 for your course fill out the Echo360 Semester Form. NOTE: You must be trained before you can use Echo360.

Echo360 lecture capture is funded by a few departments on campus. However, if you will need a webcam or document camera for recording with Universal Capture, your department will have to pay for those additional items.

Visit our Office Computer & Accessories page on the mySVSU portal and choose "Other Accessories Pricelist".

Each semester we offer workshops. Departmental faculty and SVSU staff will need to be trained before they can use Echo360 Lecture Capture, you can sign up for an introductory workshop here.  Once you have completed training and have a username and password, it will be independent of your SVSU network password.

FAQs: Echo360 in Canvas

This is normal. The test student does not have login credentials for Echo360. As an instructor, you cannot use "Student View" to see Echo360 videos. The tool works by sending credentials to Echo360, and the student view does not have a user ID or password it can use.

Instructors and students can view a graphical overlay on what segments are watched the most and displays above the playback bar.  The video view heatmap works in the Echo360 classroom and in your library. 

NOTE: Echo360 has indicated that video heatmaps are not available when using public links, or when a video is embedded. For more details see this article. 

Use Echo360’s ALP (active learning platform) when teaching an online course, using a flipped classroom structure, or want material available outside of class. Easily keep track of video views each time a student watches a video recording or when they use the online classroom tools.

NOTE: If an instructor uses public links or embedded videos, course and student analytics are not gathered, and the online classroom tools will not be seen. Students MUST access video recordings from the Echo360 tab in Canvas.

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