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What is Echo360 Lecture Capture?

Echo360 is a lecture capture system that allows instructors to record classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and other events. You can record a combination of audio, video, and capture what is on your computer screen. Content is easily distributed on the web or publish your recordings to Canvas and share with your students.

To learn more about Lecture Capture watch this video Echo360's Active Learning Platform or view this tip sheet Echo360 About Lecture Capture (1,215KB)

How do I get started using Echo360?

If you’ve never used Echo360 before, sign up for a workshop here. Training is required before you can obtain access to Echo360.

News and Updates

We are excited to announce our new recording studio! Located on the first floor of our Dow Doan Science East (SE142) building. Faculty can request use of our studio by contacting our IT Support Center by phone at 989-964-4225 (x.4225) or by email at

  • Record on the Lightboard using the Echo360 Pod with a touchscreen display.
  • Record using Classroom Capture on our Surface Studio and annotate a PowerPoint or your screen content using a Stylus.
  • Record a lecture using a webcam and write on the whiteboard.


A new lecture capture is coming Winter 2019. Available for Mac, PC, and Web.


What is Echo360?
How does Echo360 work?
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Does it cost me anything to use Echo360?
Who do I contact to get started with Echo360?
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