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Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 News and Updates

We are excited to announce our new recording studio! It is located on the first floor of our Dow Doan Science East (SE142) building. Faculty can request use of our studio by contacting our IT Support Center by phone at 989-964-4225 (x.4225) or by email at

There are 3 uses for our studio.

  • Record on the Lightboard using the Echo360 Pod which has a touchscreen display.
  • Record using Personal Capture on the Surface Pro and annotate a PowerPoint using the Stylus.
  • Record a lecture using a webcam and write on the whiteboard.


A new Lecture Capture is coming soon.  Learn more by visiting this Echo360 blog

Visit the Echo360 Help Guides (right of the screen) for support, documentation, and training. Or sign-up for a workshop and access the Echo360 login page.


What is Echo360?

The Echo360 has three types of capture systems: Appliance, Classroom, and Personal Capture that you can use for your course. Whichever way you use it allows recordings for your class lectures, meetings, and other events. Students can access your lectures on or off campus with an Internet connection from within Canvas. If you’ve never used Echo360 before, training is required from an Echo360 trainer before you can obtain access to Echo360. Sign up for a workshop here.

How does Echo360 work?

Recorded lectures can be shared with students through Canvas.

  • Appliance and Classroom Captures happen in the classroom -- best for recording classroom lectures and activities.
  • Personal Capture takes place outside of the classroom in your office, at home, or any place you can take your computer.
  • Personal Capture software can be downloaded from the Echo360 website once you have completed training and have a username and password for the system.

What classrooms have Echo360 on campus?

H104, H106, H106C-E, H108, H110, H112, H112B, H280, H282, HHS ICU East, HHS ICU West, SE204, and C100 are the only rooms on campus with the lecture capture appliances in the podiums. However, Classroom Capture can be used in almost any room on campus with the addition of a microphone.

Does it cost me anything to use Echo360?

Echo360 is being funded by a few departments on campus. However, if you will need a webcam or document camera for recording with Personal Capture, your department will have to pay for those additional items.

Who do I contact to get started using Echo360?

If you're interested in using Echo360, contact the Support Center or sign-up for a workshop. We will talk to you about your training needs and decide on the appropriate plan for getting you comfortable with the software.

Does the ITD Lab offer workshops on Echo360?

Yes, we offer workshops each semester. Visit the ITD Lab's workshop sign-up for more information.

What are the system requirements?

Detailed information about the hardware and software requirements on different platforms can be found on Echo360's System Requirements page.