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Request SVSU Mobile Research Lab

The SVSU Mobile Research Lab is embarking on a mission to study the Saginaw Bay Watershed. The research team is studying the quality of water and habitats in creeks and rivers that drain into the Saginaw Bay.  The streams in the watershed offer a very important habitat for fish and wildlife as well as great recreational opportunities for anglers, kayakers, and many others. We at SVSU are working diligently to understand factors that are affecting the Saginaw Bay Watershed to best understand how to restore and conserve it‌.

Hands-on STEM research and K-12 education

The lab visits elementary locations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Middle and high school visits are on Thursdays and Fridays. The lab can visit for an entire school day or for partial days. Our team will review all applications and make selections for the remainder of this academic year. Due to the very high demand for the mobile lab, we may not be able to visit every school during this school year.

The minimum time for a group of 12 students at a time on the mobile lab will be 20 to 30 minutes for elementary and 30 to 45 minutes for middle school and high school. There is also the possibility of multiple groups completing activities simultaneously.  In such a case, one group would be on the mobile lab while other groups are outside performing sampling or other experiments.

I understand that by submitting this application for a STEM@SVSU event/activity, photos and videos may be taken by SVSU staff. Images of participants will be used soley for the purpose of SVSU promotional material and publications. PLEASE NOTE: No names will be used.

Request the SVSU Mobile Research Lab

What the SVSU Mobile Research Team will do:

•    Arrive with the mobile lab and mix of professors and college students
•    Provide guidance ahead of time to the teachers to ensure the curriculum is aligned
•    Identify sampling locations or bring samples from an off-site location
•    Work directly with your students during the Mobile Lab experience analyzing samples and understanding the data
•    There is no charge and the lab does not need power hookup.

Field trips

Instead of visiting your school, our team is willing to meet you at a location, such as Bay City State Recreation Area, or another river or bay-side park with the mobile lab.  These trips can then include field sampling and observation activities.

Director, Dow SSEC

Dr. David Karpovich
(989) 964-4349

STEM Mobile Lab Coordinator, Elementary

Dr. Betsy Diegel
(989) 964-2934


Science East 261