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The application for the Dow Corning Foundation Fellows program at Saginaw Valley State University for 2018-2019 is now available!  This is a great opportunity for students and teachers seeking to change attitudes about STEM in their community.  The program is designed for K-12 math and science teachers.

The program includes participation in a two week summer workshop, up to $1,000 dollar stipend for the teachers (stipend payment is based on full-time attendance from start and end time recorded on sign in sheets), and up to $2,000 dollars in supplies for an inquiry project.  Items such as hydroponics systems, robotic arms, and 3D printers were acquired for the teachers depending on their project needs.  The program has been approved during past years for SCECHS and we plan to offer these again, as long as approved. At the end of the school year the project results will be presented by the teachers and students at a symposium that is open to the public.

Projects can be conducted by multiple teachers from the same school system.  Teams (two or more teachers that would like to work on a single project) are welcome to apply as well.  The investment can represent a significant enhancement of school infrastructure.  Teacher project participation has resulted in the construction of outdoor learning environments, indoor maker spaces, hydroponics systems, ROV development and scientific equipment acquisition.  The teachers also receive expert advising in project design and implementation.  Teachers have received support from local businesses and other community members to enhance their projects as well, with some teachers raising thousands of additional funds to support their project goals.  


Deadline for teachers to apply is Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Apply Now