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Dow Corning Foundation-SVSU-Community STEM Partnership

And now, middle and high school STEM* teachers in Arenac, Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties will have an opportunity to be a part of a program that takes STEM teachers and STEM students out of a textbook approach to learning and into a world of hands-on discovery and exploration – in the classroom – and in the community.

Project Goal
Impact Great Lakes Bay Region middle and high school students’ perceptions, attitudes and knowledge of STEM through the establishment of a network of STEM experiential teachers, known as Dow Corning Foundation Fellows.

Why this project, why now?
The 21st century economy is based on technology and technological advances. Further, studies have found that inquiry-based science activities have positive effects on students’ science achievement.

Program Overview
It’s all about leadership and leverage. The experts and supporters include SVSU’s Math and Science Center staff, SVSU STEM and education majors, SVSU College of Science, Engineering & Technology faculty and Dow Corning professionals. The Dow Corning Foundation’s Endowed Professorship in Education will provide leadership and support faculty participation. Funding is provided by the Dow Corning Foundation and additional collaborative efforts will be managed through various partnerships that will allow students to engage in a service-learning capstone project selected on its ability to benefit the community.

Program Details
The Dow Corning Foundation-SVSU–Community STEM Partnership program is designed to have a widespread impact to create positive perceptions, attitudes and knowledge of STEM. Project activities, to be monitored and evaluated will be conducted from early 2014 to August 31, 2016. The position of the Dow Corning Foundation’s Endowed Professorship in Education will provide technical leadership as the program director.

*STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

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