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Cultural Diversity Initiative Charge

A goal of Saginaw Valley State University is to prepare the professional workforce with leadership for its primary service region and beyond. The University is a portal of opportunity through which high school graduates, with potential to succeed, prepare themselves for more rewarding careers, more interesting lives and more effective service to others. For these reasons the University must undertake extraordinary efforts in the years ahead to serve students from diverse racial and ethnic communities. It must also better prepare all of its students to work with, understand and appreciate the diversity of peoples and ideas that comprise and enrich American culture. SVSU is taking the following steps to ensure this goal by:

  • Ensuring that the planning, development and implementation of all programs and events occur in a timely fashion
  • Involving students and student organizations
  • Expanding programs and events into a yearlong calendar
  • Developing a University-wide cultural diversity calendar
  • Using current University initiatives to increase awareness and discussion of cultural diversity-based issues
  • Encouraging faculty to include cultural diversity events as part of course requirements or credit as it supports academic content or study
  • Increasing the cultural diversity representation of faculty and staff
  • Establishing a committee to convene monthly to develop the cultural diversity calendar and to improve the  communication and coordination of related programs and events
  • Planning and implementing activities to create improved connections between minority students and members of the larger Great Lakes Bay Region
  • Encouraging the Student Association, Residence Hall Student Association to incorporate and increase cultural diversity in their programs and events
  • Encouraging faculty members to incorporate cultural diversity issues in their course offerings as it relates to course content or study
  • Encouraging the University to continue to support the various outreach programs such as the Roosevelt Ruffin Symposium; King, Chavez, Parks College Day; Visiting Professors Program; and the College of Education diversity initiatives
  • Participating in diversity-related assessment projects