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KCP FFF Application Process

All completed applications are due by October 1st, and must be sent to:

Dr. Mamie T. Thorns, KCP FFF Coordinator


7400 Bay Rd.

Wickes Hall, Rm 260

University Center, MI  48710

Applicants must meet the following criteria and prepare their applications according to the following requirements to be considered for a funding award by the SVSU KCP FFF Committee.  KCP FFF applications are due October 1st to be considered for the current school year.

1. Initially send a cover letter to the Coordinator indicating that you are in your senior year and would like to begin the application process for the KCP FFF Program. Be sure that your name, mailing address, work and home phone numbers, and e-mail address are all included in your letter. Upon receipt of this letter, the Coordinator will send you an application form and a folder will be established in your name.

2. Submit a completed application, including necessary signatures ad reference names and titles.

3. Submit official copies of all relevant academic transcripts. Grades are very important components of the application.

4. Write and submit a Career Goal Statement (2-4 pages, double-spaced word processed) expressing plans to enter graduate school with appropriate rationales. The Statement should show a commitment to teaching in Michigan higher education for at least three years (full time). This is a contractual obligation of the Program.

5. Submit an updated resume and at least three letters of reference. Letters of reference must be sent to the Coordinator directly from the person doing the referral.

6. Submit a copy of the letter from the SVSU graduate program admitting the applicant is in full (good) academic standing. No award may be officially granted without this letter.

7. Michigan has a contact with Illinois, enabling Michigan award recipients to fulfill their three-year teaching obligation at a university or college in that State. Please inform the Coordinator if graduate school and/or a university or college teaching career is planned in Illinois.

The SVSU KCP FFF Committee will NOT review incomplete application folders. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the Coordinator is in possession of all required materials. These documents such as transcripts and graduate admission letters are not automatically sent through the SVSU interoffice mail system, rather, the applicant must actively have them delivered to the KCP FFF Program Coordinator, Dr. Mamie T. Thorns, Wickes Hall, Rm 260.

Please Note:

  • Receipts of a KCP Future Faculty scholarship/fellowship may impact other financial assistance that you receive, including Title IV financial aid. As a result, all scholarships/fellowships are processed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid prior to making the application. Please meet with the Campus Financial Service Center to determine the impact that this award would have on other financial assistance. You can contact the Campus Financial Service Center by calling (989) 964-4900 or by visiting their office located in Wickes Hall, Room 131-A.
  • KCP FFF funds can be used by the recipient to pay tuition, purchase books, to buy a computer and software, and anything else that clearly relates to progress toward the masters degree. Award amounts generally range from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the reviews of the folders by the Committee, the number of qualified applicants, and the overall level of funding for the program in a particular fiscal year.
  • This is a competitive Fellowship Program. The funding for this program is limited and not all applicants will receive an award. The SVSU KCP FFF Committee will only review complete application folders for possible awards. The Committee will review complete folders within two months of receipt.

All scholarship recipients will be notifies within 8 weeks of application submission.

Please remember to update contact information as needed.



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