Ray Stover

Ray Stover

I am the president and CEO of MidMichigan Medical Centers in Clare and Gladwin.

Since 1990 when he joined MidMichigan Health as an accountant, Ray Stover has steadily moved up the organizational ladder.  In 2005, he was named Chief Financial Officer and in 2008, he became the president and CEO of MidMichigan Medical Center-Gladwin. Just this past July, Ray added the Clare Medical Center to his role of president and CEO. 

I am the result of a great internship, outstanding mentors and caring faculty.

The Attica, Michigan native and 1988 SVSU graduate with a B.B.A. (bachelor of business administration), says that the internship he had his senior year with Blue Care Network opened the door that launched his career. His internship led to a job offer which, after a year’s employment, led him to his career at MidMichigan Health.

But along his academic path to his career success, Ray needed a bit of push and “tough love” from some caring staff and faculty.  Ray confesses that during his high school years he was very quiet and close to his family. So moving away from home, living on campus with strangers, navigating the classwork and learning to balance study with sports (Ray played baseball) took more than his own effort.

It took help from caring people.

One of those people was Jim Dwyer, currently vice president of enrollment management and former director of admissions. “From orientation, through settling in, Jim knew I was adjusting to a new life style, and he looked out for me.  He’d even be at my ballgames.” And of Coach Walt Head (still coaching today), Ray adds, “he’s the kind of person you think back on and realize how much you still respect him and the job he does.”

“I remember some amazing professors who did more than just lecture; they were always there, always available to answer questions.” Ray thinks that SVSU’s small classes and the emphasis on relationships was one reason he was successful.  “I remember accounting professor, Don Wiseman, who pulled me aside and in no uncertain terms told me that I needed to put my education before my sport. I am convinced that that kind of interaction would not happen at a larger university; but the fact that he knew me, knew that I was a student-athlete AND the fact that he cared so much still impresses me today.”

I am proud of my alma mater.

Beyond being proud of his own Cardinal experience, Ray admits that every time he hears his nursing managers talk about the “good SVSU nursing students” or about a business manager hiring an SVSU accounting graduate, he feels Red Pride.

As proud as Ray is of his alma mater, he hopefully knows that the feeling is mutual.

MidMichigan Health

MidMichigan Health is a non-profit health system, headquartered in Midland, Michigan. It covers a 14-county region with medical centers in Midland, Alma, Clare and Gladwin, plus urgent care, home care, nursing homes, physicians, medical offices and other specialty health services.