At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

September 2009

  • Eric Gardner, professor of English, has an article titled “Forgotten Manuscripts: William Jay Greenly’s Antebellum Temperance Drama” in the current issue of African American Review (42.3-4: 389-406); in the article, Gardner shares his discovery of — as well as excerpts from — what may be the first book of plays published by an African American, William Jay Greenly’s 1858 collection The Three Drunkards.
  • Judith Kerman, professor of English, has a poem titled “Imagining Sukkot” in the Autumn 2009 issue of Jewish Currents magazine. Also, Kerman has been named to the Fulbright Program’s 2009 selection committee for Canada and the Caribbean.
  • George Puia, Dow Chemical Chair in Global Business, had a paper titled “The Sustainability-Diversification Dilemma” accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management. Also, Rebecca Griffin (a student) and Puia had a paper titled “Failure to Launch: The Kyoto Protocol and Sustainable Strategic Management” accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management. This paper was based on Griffin’s honors thesis.
  • Evelyn Ravuri, associate professor of geography, published an article in the Journal of Cultural Geography (Vol. 26, Issue 2) titled “Hispanic Population Change in Southwestern Detroit and Surrounding Suburbs, 1990-2000: A Study of the Succession Process.”
  • Janet E. Rubin, professor of theatre, presented “Comparative Benefits of Active Learning Through Theatre” at the 34th International Improving University Teaching Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, in July. Rubin also was invited to serve as a session moderator at this juried international conference. Also, in July, Rubin and Kathryn Fehrman, from the California Western School of Law, presented “Making Connections: Using Theatre Techniques to Improve Communication” at the Fourth International Conference on the Arts in Society in Venice, Italy. The juried conference was held in conjunction with the Venice Biennale and attracted an international group of artists and educators who explored arts and arts practices in a variety of contemporary contexts."
  • Arif Sultan, assistant professor of economics, had a paper accepted for publication in Atlantic Economic Journal. The paper is titled “Can leasing and CPO Reduce Adverse Selection in the Used Car Market?”
  • Stephen Taber, associate professor of biology, has a manuscript accepted for publication in The Northeastern Naturalist magazine. It is titled “The Antlered Crane Fly Tanyptera dorsalis Walker (Diptera: Tipulidae), in Michigan and a Review of its Distribution and Biology.”

Those Who Changed Us

Throughout our lives, we recall those teachers who had an impact on us. Here, alumni and students share thoughts on SVSU faculty who changed their lives.

Faculty Member
Joseph Ofori-Dankwa

"He always made time to meet with me to either help clarify something he said in a lecture, or just to encourage me to pursue my dreams."

Willie McKether, 1991, M.B.A. Assistant Prof. of sociology and anthropology, University of Toledo