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April 2011

  • Mohammad Saad Alam and Altaf Rahman, electrical &computer; engineering faculty, presented a poster session at the Office of Naval Research/National Science Foundation sponsored faculty workshop on “Reforming Electric Energy Systems Curriculum,” with emphasis on renewable/storage, smart delivery, and efficient end-use, in Napa Valley, Calif., Feb. 4-5. The poster session described the details of the alternative energy minor program and the proposed graduate program in energy and materials at SVSU.

  • Sara Beth Keough, assistant professor of geography, published “Promoting and Preserving Cultural Identity Through Newfoundland Radio Music Broadcasts” in Aether (Vol. VII, pages 75-96, January 2011; published by The Center for Geographic Studies, California State University, Northridge).

  • Enayat Mahajerin, professor of mechanical engineering, had an article titled “Theoretical Investigation of the Effect of Flute Profile on Flat Crush Strength of Corrugated Board” published in the International Journal of Computational Methods (Vol. 7, No. 3, Sept. 2010).

  • Stephen Taber, associate professor of biology, has a manuscript titled “First Michigan Record and Second Report of a Big-Headed Fly (Diptera: Pipunculidae) Parasitic Upon Crane Flies (Diptera: Tipulidae)” accepted for publication by The Michigan Academician. The work is coauthored by recent SVSU biology graduate Sarah A. Stine and current SVSU biology major Oliver Keller.

Those Who Changed Us

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Faculty Member
Nameeta Mathur

Nameeta Mathur

"Living up to high expectations is infectious once you start meeting them. Her teaching fundamentally transformed the way I analyzed the world."

-- described Aaron Crossen, 2008, B.A., history/communication. He is a marketing and sales coordinator for Cech Corp. in Saginaw.

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