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August 2010

  • Geoffrey V. Carter, assistant professor of rhetoric and professional writing, presented papers at the Computers and Writing Conference at Purdue University (“The Mask of Zotero 2.0: All About BiblioBouts, the Citation Game”) and the Rhetoric Society of America Conference in Minneapolis (“The Sounds of Windows 95/Vista: Softing Our Aural Wares”).

  • George Eastland, faculty athletics representative and professor of chemistry; has been named the 2010 recipient of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference’s Tom Donahue Service Award. Eastland, who has served as SVSU’s faculty athletics representative since 1973, has been a member of numerous NCAA and GLIAC Committees, serving on the NCAA nominating committee and chairing the conference’s eligibility committee for a number of years. He also served as parliamentarian to the GLIAC management council.

  • Eric Gardner, professor of English, recently received the inaugural EBSCOhost/RSAP Book Prize for his Unexpected Places: Relocating Nineteenth-Century African American Literature (University Press of Mississippi, 2009). The prize recognizes the best scholarly monograph on American periodicals published in the past three years. It is sponsored by database developer/vendor EBSCOhost and a national scholarly group, the Research Society for American Periodicals; the prize includes a plaque and a cash award that allowed Gardner to attend the presentation ceremony at the American Literature Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco.

  • Brad Jarvis, assistant professor of history, published a book titled The Brothertown Nation of Indians: Land Ownership and Nationalism in Early America, 1740-1840 (University of Nebraska Press, 2010).

  • Joseph Ofori-Dankwa and Yu Liu, management faculty, copresented a paper titled “Nested Resource-Based Contingency in an Emerging Economy” at the Academy of Management in Montreal, Aug. 6-10. The paper also is co-authored by Scott Julian (Wayne State University).

  • Hong Park, professor of economics, presented a paper titled “Ideation as a Practice for Knowledge Creation and Protection” at the Tenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change inOrganizations, in Montreal, July 27. The paper is co-authored by Hyejung Chang (Kyung Hee University) and Sang kyu Lee (The University of Suwon).

  • Stephen Taber, associate professor of biology, discovered a new species – a mosquito-like fly from a Michigan swamp. The finding will be reported in a forthcoming issue of The Southwestern Entomologist as “A New Species of Dixella Dyar and Shannon Meniscus Midge (Diptera: Dixidae).

  • Richard Trdan, professor of biology, recently was named the second recipient of the Yang Biology Faculty Award for Excellence. Gene Yang, a retired SVSU microbiologist, established the award to recognize outstanding biology faculty members on campus by providing funds for teaching/research projects. Trdan will use the money to buy chemicals and supplies for his research on the reproductive biology of clams. Similar histological examination of clam gonadal tissue by Trdan’s undergrad students have generated five scientific papers published in highly respected national and international journals within the last few years. Three Honors Program theses have been completed in the last three years in his lab and several students have presented scientific papers at venues such as Argonne National Laborities under his tutelege. The inaugural winner of the Yang award was Stephen Taber.

  • Matthew Zivich, professor of art, recently had a painting on view at “Interstices,” the Fourth Annual Alumni Show at the University of Michigan, July 16-Aug. 6. This year’s themed show was based on the phrase “Interstices” and called for art works that were about in-between events for the artist. Zivich’s oil painting, Kathy, Bloomington, 1964, was the last painting he completed for his M.F.A. degree at Indiana University, and marks the time between being a student and becoming a professional in the arts.

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Nameeta Mathur

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