Disability Services welcomes veterans and military students.  We recognize the commitment you have made and honor you for your sacrifices.

Resources are available to assist you in returning to the classroom environment.

  • One on one consultation is available to help identify what services might be beneficial in the learning process.  Call 989.964.7000 to set-up a confidential meeting.
  • Training and consultation on Assistive Technology may be useful in maintaining independence and fostering success.  Call 989.964.7000 to set-up a confidential meeting.   Assistive Technology for Personal Use 

Additional Resources:

*The Office of the Registrar is the certifying office regarding education benefits.

*Military Student Affairs offers numerous programs and support for all military-affiliated students; active, reserve, veteran and dependants.

*ADA: Know Your Rights -- Returning Service Members with Disabilities.  This 28 page booklet is designed to provide military service members who have been seriously wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom a basic understanding of their rights under the ADA and where to turn for additional information and assistance.