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Tips For Inclusion

  • Students with Disabilities are students first.
  • Treat people with disabilities with the same respect and consideration as you treat others
  • Make sure your meeting rooms are accessible
  • Don't pretend you understand what a person with speech impairment says just to be polite
  • When asked to repeat or for clarification, rephrase what you said
  • Read written material aloud, when appropriate
  • Listen patiently.  Don't complete sentences for the person unless your help is requested.
  • Conduct meetings so only one person is speaking at a time.  Be prepared to repeat or rephrase when appropriate
  • Include people with disabilities when assigning sub-committees or asking for volunteers.
  • Use larger fonts when typing.
  • For individuals with a visial impairment, acknowledge when you enter or leave the room and when others are listening to the conversation.

For more information on inclusion, contact the Office of Disability Services at Wickes Hall 260, (just down the hall from Career Services) or 989.964.7000.


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