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Student Options for Text Books

Many students with learning disabilities, closed head injuries, attention deficit disorder, memory impairments or visual impairments would benefit from being able to listen to textbooks while reading, or instead of reading.  If you are eligible, Disability Services will provide assistance in locating your book in an accessible fromat.  Students are responsible for any costs, and to ensure they have the proper player or screen reader for these books.  Several other options are available.

Option A

You may order your college textbooks in audio or electronic format from Learning Ally; , or a number of other organizations.  Most of these require some type of membership before you order.  Some require documentation and some require a membership fee.  More and more publishers are providing audio formats with textbooks (on a CD) at on-line bookstores.  Not all formats are compatible so you need to be sure you have the correct player or reader for the books you have ordered.

Option B

Students can purchase a scanner & screen reading software to use on their own computer.  This option offers students the satisfaction of autonomously meeting their own needs using assistive technology to manage information transfer.  SVSU's Assistive Technology Specialist is available to help students learn how to scan, save and convert materials.  The following web sites have just some of the software programs available with screen readers:


Read & Write Gold:

Natural Reader 11:



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