Services Available

The mission of the Office of Disability Services is to ensure all students with disabilities can actively participate in all facets of University life; to coordinate support services that enable students with disabilities the opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal growth and to increase the level of awareness among all members of the University.

All services are based on documentation and demostrated need.  Some of the services available, may include:

  • Motorized wheelchairs for temporary use
  • N.C.R.-Carbon less paper for note taking
  • Alternate testing arrangements
  • Access to all building through automatic doorways including the library; maps of automatic doors and elevators are available
  • FM Assistive Device
  • OCR-Optical Character Recognition software with scanners and screen readers.
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Printed material available in braille or electronic format
  • Captioned videos
  • Adjustable Tables


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