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Procedures for Requesting Academic Modifications or Alternative Assignments


Students who are requesting an alternative assignment need to request the modification or adjustment with Disability Services as early as possible in the semester; ideally when the syllabus is first received. Late requests may not be able to be processed before due dates and the student will be responsible for the assigned work.

The student will meet with the Director of Disability Services to discuss the request for an academic modification. The Director will discuss with the faculty in charge of the course. If the professor immediately agrees, the student will meet with the faculty to discuss alternative assignments and due dates.

If the professor is not willing to agree immediately, Disability Services, the professor, and the Chair of the Department (or other administrator/faculty designated by the Dean) will meet to discuss the objectives of the course and the requested modification. If the requested adjustment would fundamentally alter the objectives, or substantially lower academic standards, then the request is considered unreasonable. The reasons for denying the request will be documented and forwarded to the Dean of the college and the student. The group will discuss alternatives or modifications, if applicable, which can be suggested to the student and will be included in the report.

Examples of academic modifications include, but are not limited to: shorter writing assignments, fewer math problems or release from public speaking.