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Procedures and Regulations for Use of the Testing Room

If you are taking your test in the Testing room make sure you pick up a copy of your Letter of Eligibility and deliver to your professor to discuss how to receive services.  It is suggested to meet the first week of class, during the professor's office hours.  Then you will need to contact the office to schedule your tests/exams atleast one week in advance.

 Testing Room Rules

  • No electronics (Cell phones, iPods, etc…)

  • No food or drink

  • Bathroom breaks must be pre-approved

  • All personal belongings must be left up front

 Let the proctor know if:

  • You need assistance with the computer

You are feeling distracted


Scheduling Your Test in Disability Services

For those using Testing Accommodations in our office, you must register for your test online on your online DS Account, in advance of your scheduled exams.   The instructors are then notified and this allows us to prepare space for your testing.   Instructions are below.   If you need additional assistance, feel free to stop in our office and ask for help setting up your test schedules.

Scheduling a Test:
If you are eligible for Alternative Testing, follow these steps to schedule a test.

1.  Under “My Accommodations” on left side of screen, click on “Alternative Testing”
2.  Select class under “Alternative Testing Contract(s)”
3.  Click “Schedule an Exam”
4.  Under “Exam Detail”
    a.  Select your class
    b.  Select type of test
    c.  Fill in Date
    d.  Select Time
    e.  Check Services Requested
    f.  Add any additional notes
5.  Click & Add Exam Request”

At this point, your Professor will receive an email to fill out the “Testing Permit/Contract”.  They only have to fill this out one time per class.  Once the permit/contract is filled out online, DS will approve your testing time, assigning you to a location either within the DS office or at the Cardinal Testing Center (SE142).

(If you need to change the date/time/etc., you can do so by clicking back into the “Alternative Testing” section.  Then click on “Modify Request” of the test you are updating.)


We are here to help you!