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Students with Learning Disabilities:

A learning disability is a group of neurological disorders that affects the manner in which individuals with average or above average intelligence receive, process, store, or communicate information.  People with learning disabilities have a large discrepancy between ability and achievement.  They must have the potential and the opportunity to develop achievement skills.  This invisible disability may be mild to severe and it may be in one or several areas.  It is not a disease, so there is no cure, but there are usually ways to overcome the challenges it poses through study modifications and auxiliary aids and services.

Auxiliary Aids and Services for Students with Learning Disabilities may include:

  • Sit near front of the classroom
  • Note-taker, tape record class sessions and/or copies of overheads
  • Electronic Textbooks
  • Course and lecture outlines available on V-Space
  • Assignments given in advance
  • Computer with speech output, spell checker, and grammar checker
  • Extra exam time
  • Calculators


Students are required to complete Documentation Requirements.  Visit

For documentation requirements and instructions.

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