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Faculty Responsibility

Alternative Assignments

Students with visual impairments or hearing impairments may need alternative assignments or special accommodations for videos and films. Some students may need an alternate assignment when taking lecture notes is a requirement or offered for extra credit. If the location of field trips is not accessible, an alternative experience may be requested.

Alternative Formats

Faculty should be prepared to offer course syllabi, tests and all handouts in large print when requested. The office of Disability Services will attempt to notify you of the font size necessary.  Some students may require all print material in Braille or electronic format.

Alternative Testing

When a qualified student has registered with the Office of Disability Services, and is eligible for alternate testing, you will receive a letter advising you of necessary accommodations. Please discuss with the student how these accommodations can best be offered. The Office of Disability Services is available to assist you in providing testing accommodations.

Captioned Videos

Hearing Impaired students may need videos and films captioned.

Course Syllabus

Please be sure that your syllabus contains one of the following statements: 1. "Students with disabilities that may restrict their full participation in course activities are encouraged to meet with the instructor or contact the SVSU office of Disability Services, Curtiss 112 for assistance." 2. "Students with disabilities who seek accommodations must make their request by : contacting the Office of Disability Services located in Curtiss 112, or call 989-964-7000. All accommodations must be approved by the Office of Disability Services."

Electronic Devices

You may be required to wear a microphone as part of a FM Assistive Listening Device or allow a student to tape record lectures.

Note Taking Assistance

Some students are eligible for note taking assistance.  This may include tape recording lectures, copies of overheads, or a note taker.  SVSU uses volunteer note takers who are also registered for the class.  NCR paper is provided. If you know of a potential note taker, please make the appropriate recommendation. If not, please announce on the first day of class that a volunteer note taker is needed for a student and that paper will be provided. If after three requests no one volunteers, please contact the Office of Disability Services.


If you are approached for accommodations by students, please inquire if they have registered with the Office of Disability Services and refer them if they are not registered. You are not required to offer services if you have not received formal notification from Disability Services addressing the specific need.   If you have a student in your class who you suspect has a disability and may benefit from services, please refer them to Disability Services.


Information concerning the specific nature of the student's disability will be kept confidential.  Faculty should refrain from identifying the student as someone with a disability in front of classmates.  When discussing issues with colleagues, faculty should refrain from disclosing identifying information.

Others in the Classroom

There may be a sign language interpreter, an attendant or a transcriptionist in the classroom.

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