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Key Information on Differences between High School and SVSU

  • Students are responsible to find and hire personal aides or coaches.  SVSU faculty and staff are not responsible or trained to cue students or take on added responsibilities, such as helping with time management or staying on task.


  • Some students are eligible to receive extended time on tests, but not unlimited time.


  • Students are responsible to complete all homework assignments, projects and term papers, etc. on time. Individual instructors may agree to an extension for extenuating circumstances, but this usually makes it difficult to meet the next assignment’s due date.


  • Students are responsible to complete the same assignments as everyone else in the course; assignments are not modified.  Students are allowed to attend SVSU part time without penalty.


  • Disability Services will not discuss student information with parents without a student signed release form.


  • The typical college schedule demands very different time management skills compared to high school and very different study skills.


  • All students with disabilities are mainstreamed. There is no resource room or special education class.


  • Students are expected to become independent learners, test takers and use technology when appropriate.  Contact Scott MacLeod for help on what type of assistive technology might be appropriate.


  • Eligibility of services is based on diagnostic information and needs.  IEP and 504 plans do not carry over into college.


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