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Admissions and Documentation


SVSU offers auxiliary aids and services to students with documented disabilities.  All support services are individualized to meet the needs of students, and are based on an intake interview and proper documentation.  There is no "program" that requires special admission and there are no fees for services.  Students are encouraged to self-identify as soon as they have been accepted for admission to SVSU so that documentation can be collected in a timely manner.  SVSU does not discriminate against students with disabilities.  Contact information and the web page address are found at the bottom of this page.

Saginaw Valley State University follows the suggested guidelines for Information/Documentation established by the Association of Higher Education and the Disabled (AHEAD)

Information/Documentation provided must state:

  • your diagnosis and course of treatment

  • the nature and severity of your functional limitations

  • the duration for which they are expected to continue

  • contain scores and identify tests administered as appropriate

  • must substantiate the need for specific accommodations requested

    If your clinician feels that your condition or learning difficulties are significant enough to constitute a disability, this should be explicitly stated.

    Information/Documentation Not Accepted

  • Examples of unacceptable documentation include a brief note from a doctor that simply requests an accommodation, information or notes written on prescription pad, or a copy of aftercare instruction given to patients.

  • Documentation of a learning disability which is not comprehensive or which identifies learning "problems or challenges," but does not specifically diagnose a learning disability, will need to be supplemented in most circumstances.

  • Medical documentation or testing for learning disabilities in grades K-12 under special education programs which meet individual state requirements may or may not be acceptable at the college level.


Disability information is not reviewed to assess the need for medical or clinical intervention or remedial educational services. Clinical consultation to correct or rededicate specific learning or medical problems is not provided or paid for by the college.

For a learning disability, TBI or similar disability, SVSU additionally requests:

A full report from the individual who did the neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation, including the specific diagnosis, test scores and an interpretive summary is requested. The evaluation should include a complete aptitude test, an academic achievement test and information processing evaluation.

For Special Housing Request:

Students with disabilities who qualify, and who request special housing can have their name moved to the top of the wait list as an accommodation. Conditions or impairments must rise to the level of a disability, must be documented and the disability must impact the ability to function in a regular room. Disability Services does not assign specific rooms. Requests should be submitted prior to room assignments, generally 3 months prior to move-in dates.


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