Agreement for Recording Lectures and Seminars


Under Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act institutions of higher education must provide auxiliary aids and services to students with documented disabilities and may not deny equal access to the institution's programs, courses and activities.  For a variety of reasons, some students are not able to take adequate notes during class.  Audio recorders are a legitmate auxiliary aid to supplement or substitute note taking for some students with disabilities.

Saginaw Valley State University's policy states:

"Students must seek the permission of their instructor before using any audio or video recording devices to record lectures, discussions, etc.  If such permission is granted, neither the resulting recordings nor any form of copies of transcripts of the recordings may be used for any other purpose than as a replacement for notes taken in class.  Permission to make recordings will not be withheld if such recordings are reasonably necessary to accommodate a student's disability as defined by law."

Faculty members have the option to request a student who uses a recorder to sign an agreement for recording and present the form to the instructor.



I (print name) _____________________ agree that I will not release the recording and/or transcription, profit financially, or allow others to benefit personally from lectures I will tape

(course #, title, instructor)

In addition, I will not make copies of the recordings or release to any social media.  At the conclusion of the semester, I agree to return the recordings to the instructor or delete them.

I understand I may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct Programs for review if I violate this contract.

Signature ___________________________________          Date ______________


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