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Universal Design for webpages & technology


  • Do not use hyperlinks of the type "click here". Screen readers have an option to list and read all hyperlinks on a page.  A list of twenty items all reading "click here" would not be instructive.


  • Research show that sans-serif fonts are more easilty read on computer monitors than are serif fonts.
  • Black text on a white background is recommended.
  • Use only one font.
  • Limit use of all CAPS, italics or bold text.
  • Do not use underlining for emphasis (it can be misten for a link).


  • All images should have alternative text (alt tags).  Screen readers are then able to read what the image is.
  • The text information in the alt tag associated with an image/grapic should, when possible, communicate the same information as its image/graphic.


  • There should be a high contrast between the background color and the font color. 
  • Avoid extremely bight colors as a background color, it makes text very hard to read.


  • Refrain from using animated or blinking images, text or cursors.  These can cause seizures for some people.

Video and Audio

  • Provide close-captioning for all video.
  • Provide text versions of all audio files.