About Us

Student Learning Goals

The Department of Criminal Justice has adopted a mission statement that reflects the faculty's expectations for learning outcomes.

The Department's mission is to prepare students to develop the technological and critical thinking skills to become evidence-informed strategic decision makers, equipped to be ethical leaders in criminal justice fields. 

Department Goals: 

In order to achieve the Department's mission, the faculty have identified key goals for learning competencies.

  1. Knowledge about the processes and structure of the criminal justice system. This includes specific knowledge in a student's chosen area of policing, courts, corrections, security, and criminology as well advanced knowledge in the area.
  2. Capacity to identify and properly use information in an ethical manner.
  3. Develop professional communication skills (oral and written).
  4. Understand professional standards for respecting human dignity - including diversity and inclusion.
  5. Knowledge about a chosen career path. 

The faculty see the above learning goals to be central in their implementation of educational services. Through the provision of engaging classes, accessibility to students, and the involvement in co-curricular activities, the criminal justice faculty are committed to helping students achieve these goals.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes: Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) evidenced-based standards for Criminal Justice Baccalaureate degree programs