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SVSU Office of Continuing Ed & Professional Development Students

  • SVSU – Office of Continuing Ed & Professional Development (OCEPD) Online Learning is not self-paced study. Though you can view the lectures at your convenience, you are expected to follow assignment and exam schedule provided by your instructor.

  • You are expected to view all of the lecture recordings and if applicable reading material assigned in a timely manner. Your instructor will assume that you have done so.

  • All SVSU - OCEPD recordings will expire on the on the date indicated online. All coursework should be completed by this time. Lectures will become inaccessible. Students granted an incomplete will not be allowed to access lectures beyond the date indicated at the online course.

  • All communication from the SVSU-OCEPD Staff will come via e-mail. Make sure that your e-mail address is up-to-date with SVSU-OCEPD at We will use your preferred address as indicated on your registration form for correspondence regarding exams, system problems, etc.   Should you prefer an alternative address you must submit that request by email to the email address above.

Exam Policies for Online Course

The policies listed below are directly related to Online Learning exams and provide answers to commonly asked questions for local and remote online students:

  • If you have a legitimate conflict that prevents you from taking the exam on the scheduled time, you should contact your instructor to make arrangements for a make-up exam.  You will be required to take the exam make-up the same week.

  • Exams instructions will be strictly enforced. Each instructor will provide specific instructions on how the exam is to be administered, will enforce those instructions literally.   Students are not to use notes or books for online exams.

  • No-shows will be recorded as zero credit for exam. If you fail to take your scheduled exam or make-up exam time, your exam will be recorded as zero.  If you know in advance that you cannot make it to the exam, you will need to contact your instructor in advance.  Emergency issues will be handled on a case by case basis but policies will be strictly enforced.

  • Same-day cancellation will be treated as a no-show. If you cancel your exam on the day it is to be taken, you will be treated as a no-show. Your instructor will be notified that you did not complete the exam, and you must then contact your instructor for permission to reschedule the exam with point penalties.

  • Exceptions to the schedule require Program Directors permission. Program Directors permission is required before a student may schedule an exam outside of the posted date range. If you cannot take the exam during the regular period, contact your instructor in advance.