Procurement Card Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Apply for a Card If I Do Not Have One Today?
Can I Purchase Software on a Pcard?
Does the Card Provide for International Travel?
How Do I Get My Card Password Changed?
If I Post the Wrong Account Number on the Reconciliation, How Can I Get it Corrected?
What Should I Do If I Have Lost a Receipt?
I Went to a Store and My Card Purchase Was Declined. What Should I Do?
I Made a Purchase and Was Charged Sales Tax. What Should I Do? Is There a Sale Tax Waiver Available?
Can I Purchase Gift Certificates on My Pcard?
What is the Limit on My Card? Can I Request an Increase to My Purchase Limit?
How Do I Request a New/Replacement Card if Lost or Stolen?
How Long is My Card Valid? What is the Expiration Period?
Do I Need to Do Anything When My Card is About to Expire?
What Should I Do If I Notice a Fraudulent Charge on My Card Statement?
When is My Card Reconciliation Due in Accounting?