Required Login Notice

For security purposes, all users using the SVSU Microcomputer Labs will be required to log into the Campus network through a Novell Netware Client. To be able to use the software and network printers, every user must enter their login information (which consists of a Username and Password). Novell and Vmail (email) accounts are synchronized - one username & one password.

Students can learn about their Novell Username (sometimes referred to as User ID) and their password by asking any lab assistant for help, or using an Email Kiosk. You may also "lookup" your username over the web at . Usernames typically consist of first and middle initials, plus the first 6 digits of your last name.

Students who currently have email accounts will find their Novell Username to be the same as their current Email Username (for example, if your email address is , then your Novell username is support). Forgotten passwords can be reset by providing the necessary information on this web page: .

To login to the network: 

  • Make sure the computer is turned on and you are prompted with the Novell Login 
  • Type in your Username, then click or press tab to go to the Password box 
  • Type in your password, then click OK or press Enter. 
  • When finished using the computer, make sure you Shutdown or Restart the computer by clicking on the Start button and choosing: Shutdown - Restart.