Academic Advising Undergraduate Programs

Academic advising for education majors is available from different offices on campus. To locate your advisor and schedule an appointment, please refer to the chart below. Students are encouraged to make regular contact with an academic advisor throughout their program of study to review their progress in fulfilling degree requirements.

Pre-Elementary Education Majors

A-Z Polley Green Certification Advisor GN 120 (989) 964-4057 Opt#1
A-Z Kathy Lopez Certification Officer GN 296 (989) 964-4057 Opt#1

Early Childhood Education Minors

A-Z Dr. Colleen D'Arcy Assistant Professor GN 249 (989) 964-4662

Elementary Education Majors

A-L Dr. David Cline Associate Professor GN 283 (989) 964-2790
M-Z Dr. Susan Hillman Professor GN 256 (989) 964-7288

Autism Spectrum Disorder

A-Z Dr. Gardner Umbarger Associate Professor GN 284 (989) 964-4667

Cognitive Impairment

A-Z Dr. Dottie Millar Professor GN 289 (989) 964-4958

Learning Disabilities

A-Z Dr. Barbara Jones Associate Professor GN 260 (989) 964-4666

Physical Education Majors & Minors

A-Z Dr. Jeremy Knous Associate Professor of Kinesiology HHS 208 (989) 964-2632

Industrial Technology Majors

A-Z Kathy Lopez Certification Officer GN 296 (989) 964-4057 Opt #1
All other secondary education majors should contact the Office of Academic Advising (Wickes 117) at 989-964-4286 to schedule an appointment. Please note: It may be necessary for secondary education majors to meet with a departmental/faculty advisor from their major or minor to address specific matters within the program of study.