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Director of Special Education

About our Approval Program

Students who wish to obtain full approval as Director of Special Education must possess an earned master's degree, have full approval in at least one area of special education, three years of successful professional practice or administrative experience in special education or a combination thereof, and one year of successful experience as a Director of Special Education in an approved special education program. Additionally, the student must complete or show a record of completion of the state-mandated objectives addressed in the courses listed below.

Students have the option to complete the approval program under a non-degree program of study or they may elect to combine their state approval program with the Education Specialist degree program. Students who opt to do this will obtain an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree with a specialization of Directorship of Special Education as well as state approval.

Courses (30 credit hours)

Support Core - 9 credits required

TE 535 - Consultation and Integrated Programming in Special Education (3)
EDL 554 - Technology Applications for Administrators (3)
EDL 605 - Principles of Educational Supervision (3)

Special Education Core - 9 credits required

EDL 640 - Special Education Administration (3)
EDL 641 - Special Education Law (3)
EDL 642 - Special Education Finance & Budgeting (3)

Advanced Administrative Core - 9 credits required

EDL 703 - Strategic Planning in School Administration (3)
EDL 704 - Action Research Project (3)
EDL 706 - Personnel Administration & Development (3)

Practicum in Special Education Administration -
3 credits required

EDL 720 - Internship in Specialty Area (3)

Initial questions related to the Director of Special Education course of study may be directed to the SVSU College of Education Graduate and Teacher Education Admissions Office at 989-964-4057 (option #3) or the Macomb Regional Education Center at 586-749-0067. Students should make an appointment with a Certification Advisor to review previous coursework taken and to develop an individualized course of study prior to enrolling in their first semester of courses.

Upon admission to the program, a faculty advisor is available to answer questions regarding coursework requirements, transfer of or course waivers, and the internship for this approval program. Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor prior to the completion of 9 credits and again prior to the completion of 18 credits to assure a smooth transition through the program. To schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please contact us at the numbers listed above.

  • For any person who is employed on a full-time basis, the course load during Fall and Winter semesters is a maximum of six (6) credit hours or two (2) courses.
  • Questions related to your teaching certificate should be directed to the Certification Office at 989-964-4179.