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Student Teaching



Student Teaching is the culmination of the entire program of the College of Education. It is your opportunity to draw together what you have learned in content-area course work, psychology and education courses, and field experiences. You will work closely with your Cooperating Teacher, observing and benefiting from his or her expertise. In the final analysis, however, you must develop your own style of teaching, informed by your knowledge of students and content and how the two meaningfully connect.

Throughout your weeks of Student Teaching, you are expected to behave in a professional manner, remembering that you are a guest in the building. You will be governed by regulations which affect all teachers in your building. You should be sensitive to the unwritten mores of the staff. You are no longer a student in the eyes of the pupils, parents, teachers, and administrators, and you must make this significant shift in your thinking. Consider yourself a member of the faculty. Get acquainted with other members of the faculty and the non-teaching staff. Attend faculty meetings, parent conferences, and school events.

We do not attempt to specify a particular sequence of events in your Student Teaching experience. We want you to have as rich and realistic experience as possible. We do not expect you to assume very many responsibilities on your first day in the classroom, but we do encourage you to be an active participant. As soon as you and your Cooperating Teacher feel comfortable, you should begin to function as a professional team. We have chosen the term “Cooperating Teacher” deliberately. You, as a Student Teacher, should perform as many professional tasks as you possibly can, and the classroom should be a better place for the pupils because there are two of you in the room.

Remember that you represent Saginaw Valley State University and the school and community where you teach. Good luck!