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Fieldwork Partnership Program

The Saginaw Valley State University Fieldwork Partnership Program is an established program which recognizes the valuable partnership between local education agencies and the College of Education’s clinical experiences program. Through this program local education agencies may earn credits at SVSU, to use at their discretion, by hosting SVSU pre-service and student teachers.

Credit Usage

Credit(s) generated from the Fieldwork Partnership will be allocated to the local education agency. The local education agency will discern how credits will be used. The use of credits must be approved by the Office of Clinical Experiences at SVSU.

A completed credit requisition form must be turned into the Office of Clinical Experiences. This form must be signed by the Superintendent and the President of your Education Association.

The Fieldwork Partnership Program credit applies to tuition only . Any fees are not covered and must be paid by the individual registering for the course.You will be responsible for the amount not covered and will be required to submit the remaining amount due at the time payment is due.

The Fieldwork Partnership Program Credit Requisition Form must be properly completed and on file at the time you register for classes if you wish to use it to pay up front for tuition. Otherwise, you will be required to pay the full tuition amount up front and receive a reimbursement after the last day to withdraw with a refund.

The form should be forwarded to:

Attn: Keleen Marciniak
Office of Clinical Experiences
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
Phone Number: 989.964.4494
Fax Number: 989.964.4254
Email address: