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Evaluating the Student Teacher

An important role of the Cooperating Teacher is providing feedback to the student. Evaluation takes place formally on two occasions (mid-term and final) but also informally on a daily basis.

The two-part MidSemester Student Teaching Evaluation (35kB)‌is completed and signed by the Cooperating Teacher at the halfway of the Student Teaching experience. This is completed in conjunction with the Professional Dispositions Rubric (36kB)and Student Teaching Evaluation (83kB).  The Midterm Evaluation can be completed on-line and printed or hand written as this document does not become part of the student’s permanent record. (The Cooperating Teacher may wish to make a copy of this evaluation as it is similar to the Final Evaluation.) The Student Teacher adds comments, also signs the Midterm Evaluation, and is responsible for getting the Midterm Evaluation to the University Supervisor in the requested time period.

The two-part Final Evaluation is completed near the end of the Student Teacher’s experience. The link and instructions to access the final evaluation will be sent directly to the Cooperating Teacher’s email. The Final Evaluation (completed by the Cooperating Teacher) is signed by the Cooperating Teacher and the Student Teacher. The Student Teacher is responsible for maintaining the only printed and signed Final Evaluation.