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Administrator Certification

Basic Information and Application Instructions

Students who completed an SVSU Master's of Education or Education Specialist degree in Elementary or Secondary Principalship, Central Office, School Business Officer, or Superintendency between July 1, 1995 and August 15, 2006 may apply for the Administrator Certificate. Students who graduated with an SVSU Master's of Education or Education Specialist degree in Principalship after August 15, 2006 also qualify for the Administrator Certificate.

Students who completed a Master's or Education Specialist degree in another area and would like to meet the qualifications for an administrator certificate without completing another degree, should schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor or certification advisor.

  • Dr. LaCreta Clark for Central Office, 989-964-4930 or Dr. Cindy Sager for Principalship, 989-964-4978.
  • Certification Advisor, On-Campus, 989-964-4057 or 1-800-968-2540 (option #1)
  • Certification Advisor, Macomb REC, 586-749-0067

Many of the courses students have already taken as part of their SVSU Master of Education or Education Specialist degree are part of the administrative certification program. Students should consult with Dr. Clark or Dr. Sager or a certification advisor to obtain information on the remaining course requirements for certification.

School administrators who have previously held an administrator certificate or an out-of-state administrator who has held an out-of-state school administrator certificate will need to apply for their Michigan administrator certificate directly through the Michigan Department of Education .

Application Instructions

The SVSU College of Education Certification Office will only accept applications for the Michigan Administrator Certificate when all coursework requirements are complete (this means that the master's or education specialist degree is posted to the SVSU transcript by the Registrar’s Office).

SVSU requires an applicant for the Administrator Certificate to have a valid Michigan teaching certificate. If applicant does not have a teaching certificate, but has relevant K-12 experience, he/she can appeal this provision. An applicant who is to appeal may submit a letter to either Dr. Helene Lusa detailing the relevant K-12 experience and how it prepared the applicant to serve as a building or central office administrator.

Applicants must complete the Administrator Certificate application online using MOECS.

Upon verification of all requirements for certification, the Certification Office will forward a recommendation to the Michigan Department of Education in the applicant's name for an administrator certificate.

The Michigan Department of Education will send you an e-mail notification advising you to pay a certification fee online in the amount of $160.00. Upon receipt of payment, the Michigan Department of Education will forward your Administrator Certificate to you within 7-14 business days. It is highly recommended that administrators review their certificate to verify that it is correct and to become acquainted with the expiration date of the certificate.

Certificate Renewal Requirement

Practicing administrators will have to document their continuing education (6 hours every five years) to obtain a renewal of their Administrator Certificate. Those seeking a renewal of their certificate, will apply directly through the Michigan Department of Education.