Administration of Gerstacker Fellowship Programs I & II

Saginaw Valley State University is responsible for the administration of the endowments established by the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation consistent with its University Foundation policies.  The University is also responsible for the organization and administration of the Gerstacker Foundation Programs I and II.

The annual investment income earning of the endowments and an annual contribution by the University, to include the allocation of instructional staff and administrative support, provides for all costs associated with the Program.  Therefore, there is no cost involved for Program participants.

The University appoints two Co-Directors who are responsible for the oversight, organization and administration of the Programs.  Since 2010, Dr. Robert Maurovich and Mrs. Carolyn Wierda have served as the Co-Directors.  Dr. Maurovich served previously as the Vice President of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Services at the University from 1996 to 2010 and currently serves as an Executive-in-Residence with additional teaching responsibilities in the University’s graduate program in Administrative Science.  Mrs. Wierda currently serves as the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Education and Executive-in-Residence at the University and has served previously as an educator in various instructional and administrative capacities to include her retirement in 2009 as the Superintendent for the Bay City Public Schools, Bay City, Michigan. 


Dr. Robert Maurovich

Dr. Maurovich may be contacted by email at:

or by telephone at:

(989) 964-7343

Mrs. Carolyn Wierda

Mrs. Wierda may be contacted by email at:

or by telephone at:

(989) 964-7151