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Healing Thresholds is pleased to announce that our abstract titled "An Innovative Science Communication Strategy to Engage Diverse Communities and Improve Autism Therapy (www.HealingThresholds.com)" has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming 20th National Conference on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. We are especially excited to have the opportunity to expand our discussion of autism therapies to the public health community. The conference takes place at the end of February and the Washington, D.C. area - please stop by and visit our booth.

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Scientific Evidence  
Coping Mechanisms of Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Autism in Taiwan: A Qualitative Study: Psychiatrists may be able to help parents adjust to a new diagnosis of autism.
Further Evaluation of a Brief, Intensive Teacher-Training Model: Special education teachers can be taught to use applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques in the classroom.
Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Combined B6-Mg: Therapeutic Effects in Childhood Autism: This article describes a study showing that the behavior of children with autism may be improved with supplementation using vitamin B6 and magnesium together, but not vitamin B6 or magnesium alone.
Mirror Neuron System Based Therapy for Emotional Disorders: Virtual reality and videos may be helpful in waking up the brains of people with autism. 
Scientifically Unsupported Therapies in the Treatment of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Many parents use scientifically unproven therapies to help their children with autism.
Sensory Swim Program Serves Entire Families of Children with Autism
Art and Music Therapies Combine to Enrich the Lives of Children with Autism
Irish School Uses Innovative Way to Raise Funds for Speech and Occupational Therapies
Equine Therapist is First to Offer Therapeutic Riding Program in India
A Variety of Teen Programs Help with Symptoms of Autism
Vitamin C Therapy for Children with Autism Some children with autism may have a vitamin C deficiency, and some researchers have theorized that children with autism may have more trouble managing free radicals than other children do. Vitamin C is important for many biological processes and acts as an anti-oxidant, protecting the body against damaging free radicals.
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