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Andrew Chubb

 Andrew Chubb, Interim Dean in the College of Science Engineering & Technology, and former health professions advisor, says that “no pre-professional ‌‌major is actually a good thing.  That’s the way the professional schools want it. The professional schools like to see other majors, such as philosophy, because the students are well rounded.”  With that said, Chubb estimates that at least half of the SVSU pre-med students are biology majors, with a chemistry minor or, chemistry majors with a biology minor.  This is due in great part to the heavy focus on science in the first two years of medical school.

Chubb also likes to share anecdotal support of why SVSU’s teaching/learning culture is so important to student academic and career success, whether at an undergraduate or post-graduate level.  “One of the students who was admitted to medical school this past year commented that when she went to her interview, she met some other prospective students who were complaining about how hard it was to get a letter of recommendation because they went to a large university and the faculty didn’t know them — they were just a number, and they needed this letter of recommendation.  She said she never really thought about it, but she didn’t have any trouble getting hers. We know these students.”