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Alternative Loans

If your SVSU Cost of Attendance is not met with scholarships, grants, federal loans or other aid, you may want to consider an alternative loan (also known as a private educational loan). Each loan may have different eligibility requirements (i.e. academic progress, minimum enrollment, interest rates (fixed vs. variable) and repayment plans).  You should explore the options to find the loan that works best for you. These alternative loans do have certain credit, debt to income ratio, and/or employment requirements. A co-signer may be necessary.

You can research alternative/private loan options on reputable sites, such as

A message from the Michigan Student Financial Aid Association
Follow these guidelines when considering a private loan:

Establish a Budget

Not having a budget is like going on a trip without a roadmap. Just like needing to know where you are going, you need financial goals and a step-by-step plan on how to achieve them. For detailed help on developing a spending plan, visit the Federal Student Aid site. 

Borrow Smart

At some point you may need to borrow money (take out a loan). It is imperative that you borrow smart if you want to maintain your financial stability.

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