Campus Financial Services Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

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When Should I Complete the FAFSA?
When is the FAFSA Deadline?
I was Notified I was Selected for Verification, What Does That Mean and What do I do?
What Happens When FAFSA and/or Verification is Completed?
How Can I be Considered Independent?
How Can I Get Aid for Spring and Summer?
What is the Difference Between Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans?
What Does the Term 'Award' Include?
Why Aren't All My Awards Listed on My Award Letter?
I Receive Military Benefits, Why Aren't They Listed on My Award Letter?
How Do I Handle Scholarship Checks I was Given?
What Happens When My Awards Do Not Cover My Balance?
Why Does It Take So Long to Add My Alternative Loan or Parent PLUS Loan to My Account?
When Does MET & MESP Show on Account?
How Do Students Request Presidents Scholarship Increase?
Why Was My Aid Applied to Both Semesters?
Why Doesn't Work-Study Money Go Towards Tuition?
Why Do I Get Tuition Payment Reminders When I Am Waiting for a Loan?
If I Want to Accept a Loan but for a Lower Amount Than What is on My Award Letter, What do I do?
When Can I Sign My Master Promissory Note? What is it?
What is an Aggregate Loan Limit?
Where Do I Go to Start Re-Paying My Loans?
What If I Only Need Loans for the Second Semester, Not the First? Should I Accept or Reject All Before the Fall Semester?
What Does It Mean When Aid Shows On My Account as 'Pending'?
Will Classes be Dropped if SVSU Hasn't Received My Awards/Loans?
What Do I Do If I Am De-Registered From My Courses and/or Removed From Housing Due to Financial Obligations?
I Was Dropped From My Courses and Need to Re-Register. When is The Next Registration Date?
Payment Plan: What are the Dates, How Does it Work, What are the Payments, Where do I Sign Up for One? What if I Cannot Pay by Due Date?
Do I Have to Pay a Negative Balance?
When Will Refunds Be Sent Out?
Why Can't I Opt-In to the Bookstore?
I'm Dropping Classes, How Much Money Will be Refunded?
What Are the Hours for the Center?
How Do I Contact the Campus Financial Services Center?
What Services are Provided at the CFSC?
Why Can't I Get My Transcript?
What is the Difference Between a Flex Account and Declining Balance?
Why is There a 2.75% Service Charge Assessed for Payments Made by Credit Card?