Payment Plans are not available for Spring and Summer semesters.

Campus Financial Services Center

Cardinal Payment Plan

Paying is SIMPLE.

You may pay at the Campus Financial Services Center (CFSC), via mySVSU portal under Self-Service (aka Cardinal Direct), or use the automatic payment option to avoid check writing, postage and the possibility of late penalties due to mailing delays.

The automatic deduction from your checking or savings account costs nothing extra.

How the Cardinal Payment Plan Works

  • The SVSU Cardinal Payment Plan (CPP) allows you to pay tuition, fees and housing expenses in four monthly installments instead of paying in one lump sum. Your total plan amount will be divided over a period of months, determined by your enrollment date and your account balance at the time of enrollment.
  • The enrollment process is all online through mySVSU portal and does not require forms or other paperwork.
  • In order to continue your registration your payment should arrive at SVSU on or before the Payment Due Date.
  • Compare your tuition and housing charges to the total plan amount of your CPP to ensure that you have covered all your tuition housing expenses. If there is a discrepancy, please call the CFSC (989-964-4900) for assistance.
  • SVSU may make modifications to your plan amount as part of its overall billing process.
  • The CPP Enrollment Fee is non refundable. All other refunds are made according to the University's refund policy.
  • Late fees will be assessed on past due amounts.
  • If your CPP account is canceled or terminated, you must still fulfill your financial obligations to the school. Unpaid accounts will prevent registration for future semesters.
  • Each payment must be made by the payment due date.  If you're late for the July or August payment in Fall or December or January payment in Winter, your courses will be dropped. If you're late for the Fall September or October payment or Winter's February or March payment, a $50 late fee will be assessed for each late payment.
  • SVSU reserves the right to increase your CPP due to the addition of classes.
  • If you fail to meet the requirements of the CPP, you will not be eligible for the CPP for future semesters. You also will be responsible for any collection costs.
  • You must re-enroll and pay the enrollment fee of $75 each semester to participate in the CPP. You must sign a new contract each semester.
  • If the Bill Payer is the student, a payment reminder will be sent to the SVSU e-mail address.

Spread your Payments with the Cardinal Payment Plan

Why make large semester payments when you can spread your educational expense over 4 interest-free, monthly payments! You may wish to use the monthly payment plan in combination with financial aid or a student loan to help pay your expenses. Please remember you must re-enroll and pay the enrollment fee each semester to participate in the Cardinal Payment Plan.

Enroll in CPP

Enroll, pay the enrollment fee and make your first payment online at mySVSU (Self Service). Enrollment in the Cardinal Payment Plan is required to be done online only through mySVSU.